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Promoting the most important expressions of our cultural diversity is an urgent and unavoidable duty of national development. This work commits the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, because the cultural wealth of Peru is the most valuable and enduring part of our long and complex historical process.

In order to assume its responsibility in this field, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has formulated a Cultural Policy Plan for Peru Abroad, which systematises, guides this fundamental attribute of our foreign action, and seeks to articulate it with the process of national culture. Hence, the decision to create the Centro Cultural of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs baptised with the emblematic name of Inca Garcilaso.

The Centro Cultural Inca Garcilaso contributes in a professional manner to the implementation of the Cultural Policy Plan of Peru Abroad. It is a space for gathering and convergence, open to the cultural diversity of Peru and the creative expressions of the world. The Centro Cultural has the vocation of a seed because it hopes to be multiplied in other countries where Peru is synonymous with creativity and friendship.

The following officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have contributed to the conception and management of this platform: Rómulo Acurio, Alonso Ruiz Rosas, Jorge Ponce, Fernando Álvarez, Marirene Muñiz, Jesús Salazar, María Ximena Martel, Katherine Durán and Héctor Vera.

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