Samichay, in the search of hapiness
Film of Mauricio Franco Tosso


The highest peaks of the mountains rage rise above the clouds. The high mountains rage of the mountains rise above the clouds. Sometimes they seem to merge with the sky. There is no god and neither there is devil. We are in the heights of the Peruvian Andes, more than 5000 meters above sea level, where Celestino a peasant hermit undertakes a healing journey with his cow Samichay, from the loneliness and height of the Andes to the chaos of urbanization and villages.

Awards and Festivals:

– Ibermedia program. Development Support (Peru, 2013)

– Guanajuato International Film Festival. Incubator Section (Mexico, 2014)

– Panama Film Lab (Panama, 2017)

– Margins Festival. MGR / WRK (Spain, 2017)

– Viña del Mar Film Festival. Under Construction FICVIÑA (Chile, 2019)

– South Window Buenos Aires. Official selection (Argentina, 2019)

– Lima Film Festival. It obtained a Special Mention for Best First Feature and Best Peruvian Feature (Peru, 2020).


Technical details

Director: Mauricio Franco Tosso
Genre: Fiction
Country: Peru
Year: 2020
Duration: 86 minutes
Original language: Quechua
Performers: Amiel Cayo, Aurelia Puma de Ccallo, Raquel Saihua Huainasi, Luz Maribel Sanchez Cansayap, Santiago Saihua Ccapa, Antonia Saiwa, Yoel Tito Quispe, Julio César Flores Becerra, Wilson Pilares, Karina Quispe, Nati Quispe, Rosa Margot Quiñones Paucar, Carmona.

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