Book Presentations
Word of Peruvian women
Natalia Iguiñiz, Mónica Delgado and Joel Rojas

The discussion was held within the framework of the presentation of three books. The work of two women who had an outstanding role in Peruvian intellectual life during the first decades of the 20th century (Miguelina Acosta Cárdenas and María Wiesse) and the work of a female group of our time that offers a valuable testimony of their life were commented. in Peru.

Natalia Iguiñiz, Mónica Delgado and Joel Rojas participated.

Miguelina Acosta Cárdenas. Selected Writings (2020)
Joel rojas

Lawyer, political activist and feminist who grew up in a prosperous family dedicated to trade and export in the Amazon during the rubber era. Thanks to the family’s economic comfort, he traveled to Europe and attended basic levels of education. Upon his return to Peru, he witnessed in Yurimaguas the socioeconomic consequences of the fall in rubber exports. Later, she settled in Lima, where she studied law at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, being one of the first women to practice her profession. In turn, he actively participated in the organization of labor unions in Lima and his political activism cost him his freedom three times. After a life dedicated to advocating for the labor movement and feminist ideals, she died in Lima at the age of 45.

María Wiesse in Amauta: the origins of film criticism in Peru (2020)
Monica Delgado

María Wiesse’s production was wide and vast, not only in the field of film criticism, but also as a poet, essayist and cultural broadcaster. His texts on cinema were published in different media of the time, but it was in the Amauta magazine where his production was constant and continuous from 1926 to 1930. From a meticulous analysis of these writings, Delgado approaches the critical gaze of a woman who constantly reflects on her time, the emergence of the modern, the social role of cinema, the possibility of finding in it a way of knowledge and the role of women in family and social life.

Women of Peru (2020)
Doris Bayly and María Luisa del Río »Women of Peru” is a book of profiles and testimonies of more than 20 Peruvians chosen for having in common the exercise of a great passion, having survived not a few floods and duels, and perseverance in what they believe, the latter not being something static but evolutionary. Women who are not well known or almost nothing, because they tend to move in silence, and who have an inspiring force, sometimes to fight and others to flow with the swaying of the waves. But always looking for his happiness and that of the environment.

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