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Miguelina Acosta
Thought and action

Miguelina Acosta Cárdenas, lawyer, political activist and feminist, grew up in a prosperous family dedicated to river transport in the Amazon during the rubber era. Thanks to the financial comfort of his family, she travelled to Europe and attended the basic levels of education. On his return to Peru, he spent some time in his hometown of Yurimaguas and witnessed the socio-economic consequences of the decline of rubber exports. She later settled in Lima, where she studied law at the Faculty of Jurisprudence of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and was one of the first women to practise her profession. She was a member of the Pro-Indigenous Association and, together with Dora Mayer, edited the magazine La Crítica. She was also active in the organisation of the labor unions in Lima, and this activism cost her freedom for several months. Miguelina Acosta died in Lima at the age of 45.

As part of the activities for the Bicentennial of the Republic, the exhibition “Miguelina Acosta Cárdenas. Pensamiento y acción” (Miguelina Acosta Cárdenas. Thought and action) offers an overview of the intellectual and political exercise of a woman who was made invisible by official history, but whose ideas sought to incorporate the Loreto region into the national imagination and questioned the subordinate situation of women and the helplessness of the working class community.



From 6 December 2019 to 12 February 2021


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