Exhibition “Peru before the world”
200 years of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This exhibition, curated by Luis Eduardo Wuffarden, is a presentation of various formats and supports of maps, paintings, documents and images that invite you to rediscover the legacy of this Bicentennial institution.

The commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on 3 August 2021 is a moment of historical balance and projection for our diplomacy. In the history of the republic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been a defining actor of territorial integrity, a trainer of nationality and a bearer of a sense of the State.

Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made contribution to the protection and consolidation of the sovereignty of Peru and its borders, through the efforts for the international recognition of the independent country; the confirmation of the Peruvian identity of Tumbes, Jaén and Maynas; the negotiation and fixing of borders; the resistance to the interference of the great powers of the nineteenth century; the return of Tacna; the defence of the 200 miles; the peace negotiations with Ecuador; and already in the 21st century, the decision of The Hague, among many other chapters.

In this way, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has helped to determine the contours of our nationality, and then to place Peru in the world as a peaceful and cooperative country, successively and simultaneously Americanist, Latin Americanist, Andean, and at the origin of integration schemes such as the Andean Community, the South American Community of Nations and the Pacific Alliance, as well as many regional initiatives for political concertation, crisis resolution and the defence of democracy.

Diplomatic history also shows Peru and its diplomats as protagonists of crucial multilateral efforts for the world, such as the human rights regime, sustainable development, the law of the sea and the fight against climate change.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has helped to forge a sense of the State in Peru. Peruvian society demands an increasingly inclusive Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attentive to gender equity, open to Peruvian cultural and linguistic diversity, so that it is a true instrument for the formation of a more prosperous, just, egalitarian, diverse, creative and democratic Peru.


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