Book Presentations
Bicentennial: Side B
Fernando Iwasaki, Ítalo Sifuentes and Alejandro Neyra

Presentation of the books “Briefs in the Universal History of Peru” by Fernando Iwasaki, “Hidden Histories. 200 facts that you don’t know about Peru” by Ítalo Sifuentes and “Peruvian traditions. 16 illustrious antiheroes of the national stamp” by Alejandro Neyra.

The event, called “Bicentennial: Side B”, had the participation of the authors and was developed through the Facebook of the Inca Garcilaso Cultural Center.

The books investigate the unofficial history of Peru to discover and question the role played by characters – invisible or forgotten – in some events that marked, for better or worse, the social, political and cultural life of our country. In the first place, Ítalo Sifuentes gives us 200 facts that history missed, from the conquest to the current republic. For his part, Alejandro Neyra, emulating the tradition, tells us about the traditions of 16 antiheroes, including governors from the past, spies and nobles. In turn, Fernando Iwasaki recovers anonymous heroes who paved the way for our society.



Thursday, September 16


12:00 h. (Peru)

19:00 h. (Spain)

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Watch the video of the virtual presentation here:

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