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Eye light. Documentary photo essays
Adrián Portugal, Colleen Ordóñez, Ángela Ponce, Sharon Gonzáles, Paola Jiménez and Lucio Mora

The group exhibition, curated by Cecilia Larrabure, brings together the work of six photographers: Adrián Portugal, Colleen Ordóñez, Ángela Ponce, Sharon Gonzáles, Paola Jiménez and Lucio Mora, in whose works the human being is the protagonist.

Thus, in the series Truxillo: Relación descriptive (Descriptive report). Fenómeno El Niño (El Niño phenomenon) (18th century and 21st century) by Lucio Mora, we can appreciate the complex relationship between man and nature; in Adrián Portugal’s Tratado sobre el dolor, the male capacity to endure and, perhaps, even enjoy physical pain; and, in Paola Jiménez’s Reglas para pelear, the suffering from loss and the emptiness created by a sudden disappearance.

In the same line, the series Mujeres que buscan (Women searching), by Ángela Ponce, attempts to vindicate the voices of Ayacucho women after they were subjected, during the internal armed conflict, to a regime of fear and obedience that included systematic rape and the obligation to fight in the ranks of terrorist groups.

On the other hand, Colleen Ordoñez’s Desigual (Unequal) is the story of the artist’s twin daughters, in theory the same, but in reality, different due to an alteration in the genetic code of one of them, two sisters who live with the difference in order to maintain the biological and emotional link, always within fraternal love.

Finally, Sharon Gonzales’ Historias clínicas (Clinical Histories) confronts the struggle of human beings in the face of the great challenges of mental health: prejudice, ignorance, draconian treatments and the lack of importance of society and the state in helping to heal those suffering from schizophrenia and other pathologies related to mental disorders.

Curator Cecilia Larrabure concludes that “we are convinced of the power of photography to inform us, to move us and, above all, to help us to reflect on the various issues with which we coexist as a society on a daily basis”.





From April 12 to May 26, 2024.




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