Bibliographic Exhibitions
To annihilate light or to make it. Plastic reading on the poetics of Blanca Varela
And the bibliographic exhibition "Puerta entreabierta (Half-open door)”. Blanca Varela 1926-2009"

The exhibition curated by Nani Cárdenas brings together 23 outstanding artists who, through their works, dialogue with the diverse and profound themes addressed by Blanca Varela, one of the most important poets in Latin America.

Participants include Mariella Agois, Micaela Aljovín, Carolina Bazo, Alicia Benavides, Nani Cárdenas, Soledad Cisneros, Elisenda Estrems, Patricia Eyzaguirre, Johanna Hamann, Malaki, Julia Navarrete, Alejandra Ortiz de Zevallos, Eliana Otta, Alberto Patiño, Enrique Polanco, Alessandra Risi, Herman Schwarz, Gihan Tubbeh, Erika Vásquez, Silvia Westphalen, Ricardo Wiesse H., Armando Williams and Bruno Zeppilli.   The exhibition includes painting, sculpture, video, photography, ceramics and embroidery.

Art critic Carlo Trivelli points out: “…An exhibition like Aniquilar la luz o hacerla (To annihilate light or to make it). A plastic reading of the poetics of Blanca Varela, which brings us back to the dialogue between the plastic work and poetry. Without taking on the responsibility of offering a thesis or a unitary narrative, it is offered to us as a constellation of particular experience, brought about in a different way by each individual work. Between them are woven the various strands of Blanca Varela’s poetics, strands that bring together both the imprint of the poet herself and that of her verses and poems, scattered in the wind and in time”.

In another room of the Cultural Centre you can see, in parallel, the bibliographic exhibition “PUERTA ENTREABIERTA (Half-open door). Blanca Varela 1926-2009″. which includes first editions of her poetry books, her typewriter and small objects that belonged to the poet and were loaned by the Casa de la Literatura Peruana (Peruvian House of Literature) Photographs of Blanca Varela by Baldomero Pestana, Herman Schwarz and Alicia Benavides are also on display.





From April 5 to May 22, 2024.



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